January 05, 2022 3 min read

Do you sometimes find an outfit that you love, but it just doesn’t seem to feel right? This may be because the clothes don’t match well with your body type. 

Everyone has their own body shape, so it’s important to find clothes that will work with your body instead of against it. There are five main body types; hourglass, apple, rectangle, inverted triangle, and pear. 

Hourglass Shape

You may have this body shape if your shoulders and hips are proportional and have a defined waist. 

For tops, you should wear v-necks, keyholes, peplums, and wraps to help give your upper body structured balance in your outfits. For bottoms, it would be best to wear ones that are flared, high-waisted, skinny, stretchy, or flowy.

For more special-occasion outfits, you would look amazing in fit-and-flare, wrap, and sheath dresses. And even though it’s not a dress, jumpsuits are a great choice as well!

Apple Shape

People with this figure have a bigger upper body than the lower, with broad shoulders, a bigger bust line, and little to no waist definition.

When it comes to tops, wearing blouses, peplum tops, and shirts with various necklines that draw attention to the collarbone is the best to wear. Sweaters and blazers are also very nice for creating cute and stylish outfits.

For bottoms, shorts are a great choice to go. Slim, bootcut, flare, straight-leg, and mid-rise pants are also great options for bottoms as well. 

Rectangle Shape

You might have this body shape if you have an overly defined waistline, straight shoulder line, and hips, and little to no curves overall.

The tops that would work best for this body shape would be shirts or blouses with a scoop-neck, detailed collar, v-neck, and sweetheart necklines. For bottoms, going with wide-leg, slim-straight, high-waisted, pleated, and flare jeans and pants would be the best to compliment the silhouette of your shirts or blouses.

Some dresses that would look fabulous for this body shape are belted, fit-and-flare, ruched, and ones with puffed sleeves.

Inverted Triangle Shape

People with this shape have a fuller bust, narrow waist and hips, and very broad shoulders.

The best tops to wear for this body shape are shirts or blouses that have tight-fitting short sleeves, v-necks, halters, loose and wide long sleeves, and asymmetrical neckline.

The best kind to wear for the most stylish outfits for bottoms are wide-leg, boyfriend, palazzo, cropped, bootcut, and flared jeans and pants. Skirts can also be a good choice, like box pleats, tulips, and layered ones. 

This body shape can also look incredible in jumpsuits and pleated, a-line, midi-length, shift, and flared dresses. 

Pear Shape

If your top half and bust are small, large hips and/or thighs, and a defined waist, you may have this body shape.

The best tops to wear are shirts or blouses that are cowl-necks, boat-necks, peplums, and square-necks. For bottoms, the types of pants and jeans you should wear are slim-straight, bootcut, flat-front, high-waisted, and straight.

Some gorgeous dresses that pear shapes can wear are fit-and-flares, wraps, off-the-shoulders, and a-line types. There are also a variety of jackets that would look very stylish for this body shape, such as cropped, patterned, textured, and wrapped ones. 

Finding Your Body Shape

Before finding clothes that are just right for you, however, you’ll need to find out your body measurements. So grab a measuring tape, strip down to your undergarments, and let's find your frame.

The first thing you’ll want to measure is the shoulders. Take the measuring tape and loosely wrap it around the tops of your shoulders, the very broadest point above your shoulder blades. This one can be a little difficult because the measuring tape can easily fall off, so it would be good to have someone help you with this part. 

Second, the bust. Take the tape and wrap it around the fullest part of your bust. Holding it snugly so that it stays in place but not so tight that it’s pushing your chest in. For this measurement, it’s ok to measure over your bra.

Third, the waist. Wrap the measuring tape around the narrowest part of your waist, usually above the belly button. Don’t try to measure where the waistband of your pants is on your body because that is not your natural waist. 

And finally, the hips. Like with the shoulders and bust, you should measure on the fullest point. So take the measuring tape around your hips and butt and below your hip bones. It’s also ok if you measure above your underwear.

Now that you know how to find your body shape and some of the best clothes to wear for each type, you will have outfits that seem like they were made just for you!

And trust me, we have plenty here at Magnolia ave to help you accomplish the look of your dreams!

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