November 30, 2021 3 min read

Every season has you wearing different types of clothing. For spring and summer, it’s shorts, dresses, any clothing that helps you from getting too hot. For winter, you need to wear warmer clothing to protect yourself from the cold.

Here, we’ll tell you the best clothes and accessories to have for the colder weather while still staying stylish. 


Sweaters, of course, are number one for fall and winter fashion. Turtlenecks and long-sleeved tops are also nice and stylish to wear as well. 

Sweater dresses have also become popular since 2020. They make fashion easy with it only being one piece of clothing to wear, along with a pair of bottoms, of course, and it definitely will make sure to keep you warm during the late fall, winter, and spring seasons. 

However, if you wish just to wear a casual, plain or striped, shirt then you could wear it underneath your sweaters or cardigans for the extra bit of warmth and style.


Now that we’ve talked about the perfect tops to have for winter, it’s time to talk about bottoms!

Jeans and leggings are always a closet staple to have. Especially when the weather gets freezing, you can wear leggings underneath your jeans for extra warmth. 

It may seem surprising, but it’s also good to have some warm, black or burgundy-colored, tights as part of your wardrobe. They have all the same functions as leggings, but you might prefer them to cover your feet than wearing a pair of socks, especially when it comes to the type of shoes you wear. 


When it’s extra cold, it’s good to wear some type of outerwear over your tops. 

There are the classic winter coats, puffer jackets, and hoodies that are always an excellent choice to wear. However, there are more than just those three!

There are shackets, a crossover between a shirt and jacket; they are basically shirts made from heavier material to keep you looking fashionable and warm. Wool coats are also another item that would be good to have for your closet, especially if you want your outfits to go for more of a professional look. 

However, if you don’t want to wear a heavy garment, cardigans are always a nice choice to go. They are a comfortable, versatile piece of clothing that you can wear button upped or not to make sure you stay toasty and don’t overheat at the same time.


We can’t forget about the most important piece to our fabulous outfits, accessories!

It’s a must to have beanies, gloves, and scarves, infinity or otherwise, as they are essential for keeping your head and neck protected against the icy cold. They come in all kinds of colors that can give your outfits that extra pop of style. 

It’s also a good idea to have some type of boots (ankle, mid-size, or tall), booties, or any type of shoe with good traction to help keep you safe from possibly slipping on ice or another slippery surface. It would be good to avoid wearing shoes like pumps or heels unless you know for absolute certainty that you will have a safe surface to walk on. 


Remember that you don’t have to get every clothing item we talked about, but it would be good to start with a few pieces. Stay warm and stylish this winter season, everyone! 

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