Celebrate anytime of the year with these interchangeable Wood pieces. Fully customized by you! Leave these pre-primed pieces or paint the way you wish. Comes each comes exactly as pictured. Our HOME sign is perfect for that without all the fuss of having to rehang anything. It comes with 18 interchangeable pieces. Hang it in your favorite spot and change out the pieces as you see fit!

You’ll never loose any of the pieces, as it has a built in storage box!

Place the pieces next to each other to spell out "HOME" with the "O" replaced by one of the 18 icons representing the seasons.

Makes the perfect gift for a friend, or family, Or spoil yourself!

each piece comes exactly as pictured.
magnets all included and already secured

All you’ll need is paint!

1 3/8” x 18” x 6”


please note that these are a pre-order of approximately three weeks and anything ordered with this item will not ship until it arrives

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