PREORDER Whitening System

This tooth whitening system has been given an A+ by yours truly, Registered Dental Hygienist in both Virginia and North Carolina. I have tried many different whitening products over the years and have always had a difficult time finding one that will lighten the surface of the teeth while not causing sensitivity and I have finally found one! This UV light device is easy to use, the application of the bleaching solution is mess free and the results are exactly what I was hoping for! After two treatments I moved a full shade on the shade chart and then it has gotten whiter and whiter with each treatment!

 ‼️Packaging my vary‼️

Here’s the deets!

Say hello to your new favorite teeth whitening system!

Your beaut. LED Teeth Whitening System comes with three connection ports; iPhone, Android & USB all compatible.

Each Kit comes with three beaut. whitening gel pens. Each pen contains 5-8 treatments.

For best results, apply whitening gel to teeth and rest teeth around your mouthguard. Plug device in and sit for a 15 minute treatment!

No sensitivity

No thinning of your enamel

Safe to use on natural teeth, crowns, dentures, veneers, bonding & dental implants!

For best results use for 15 minutes at a time with a max of 2 sessions every 24 hours.

This product is sold and recommended by dental professionals & educators.
Vegan Friendly

FDA Cleared

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